Stabat Mater

by Dominia



Dominia - Stabat Mater (2017)

1. Letter to Olga
2. The Daughter of the Unforgiven
3. The First and the Last Prayer
4. Kepler-452
5. The Boy and the Priest
6. Attack of the Dead 1915
7. Son of Man
8. Poison

Dominia are:

Anton Rosa ……. lead and backing vocals, bass, additional guitars and keyboards
Dmitry «Casper» Rishko ……. violins, keyboards, additional lead and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Denis Sukharev ……. rhythm guitar
Anton Ryzhev ……. rhythm and lead guitars
Pavel Mosin ……. drums


released April 4, 2017

lyrics by Oleg Rosa (2,3,5,6,7), Anton Rosa (1,4), Denis Sukharev (8)
music by Anton Rosa and Casper (1,3,4,6,8), Anton Rosa, Casper and Oleg Rosa (2,5,7)
arrangements by Dominia

recorded at Buzzylick Studio and Whale Vox Studio
mixed and mastered by Anton Rosa (Whale Vox Productions)
produced by Dominia

special thanks to our Head-manager Dmitry Martynenko, our European manager Tania Legrand and our North American manager Justyn JC Roberts, Denis Devichensky who helped us with drums, guitars and vocals recordings, Denis Lukyanov for his studio, Nikita Mezin for help in mixing, Oleg Rosa for his lyrics, vocal melodies and ideas, Yury Voronov for his artwork, Katerina Antonova for her help with coverwork. Thanks to our wives for their patience, to our friends for their support and to all our families and all our fans.



all rights reserved


Dominia Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dominia was formed (as Tentamentum) in Russian city Saint-Petersburg in February 1999 by vocalist and composer Anton Rosa and guitarist Denis Sukharev (Daniel).
Initially, the band professed typical for that time, black-death metal, but in September 2001 as the composer, violinist and keyboard player Dmitriy Rishko (Casper) joined the band, Tentamentum changed its' name and genre.
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Track Name: Letter to Olga
Hello my dear beloved Olga
Allow me to introduce myself
'Cause I can wait no longer
Before I will destroy my health

I'm writing you right now my dear
To show how much I really care
You don't know me but I'm so near
My thoughts are flying in the air

You are most beautiful, I know
You are the aim of many lives
One thing I absolutely know is "No!"
Your answer to my offer: "Will you be my wife?"

Some say: "You never talk to her!
Why don't you try to show her all your love?"
But I will write to you before
I'll cut my veins with this old knife

There is no sense without your face
Before my eyes, Without your lips
which kiss my neck in a sweet embrace
Brings tender shivers down my limbs

Just me and you, imagine that
I'll never get it all for real
And people, what're you staring at?
Just let me throw myself under the wheels

And all I feel is emptiness
Which kills my heart, and so it hurts
It's you, my secret killer and my stress
Because you rule my strengthless thoughts 

And all I know I always knew
With someone else, for some kind of reason
The angel was so close to you
But you have chosen demon

You'll never know my lips and hands
They were for you, it's not a game
No hope! My life does not have sense
I see no light, I feel no shame 

Before I leave I want to say
I love you, And I will before I die
And if that is the only way
I will tonight, my love, Goodbye...
Track Name: The Daughter of the Unforgiven
I went to Hell… My own desire
So curious to see the fire
To see the faces of the sinners
with the Devil’s daughter I'll have dinner

She met me naked at the gates
There was a beast which seemed so great
The wicked dog she held in chains
To ground rose up and called my name

I brought my own head for sacrifice
My soul is for sale, I’m paralyzed
Dark Father is blessing us ahead
My mind, my heart, my soul is His

My bride the Unforgiven’s daughter
Between her legs I swallow bloody water
She wears a coal-black dress for our wedding
I’m damned forever, and Death is nearby waiting

My bride… the dark child
I’m fallen, falling free
The Unforgiven me

I fell in love with the daughter of the Beast
And I became a real sinner, the fucking atheist
And all night long we had dirty sex in hell
We were fucking hot on a golden bed of nails

Dark night shrouds me in deep pain
My blood is flowing from my veins

I call my bride to help to stop the blood
My illusions shattered, a furious flood

Infernal girl looks for my passion
She likes to see how I’m dying, crashing
I wanna turn to God but I can not
My son is Antichrist, she is pregnant
Track Name: The First and the Last Prayer
I don't know where is the beginning
The great creator led me to believing,
I'll live... Around me now it’s dark
In the future, I'll be happy and have love

My mother talks to me. I'm not alone
I want to see her face, my faith is strong
I feel her heart beat, it makes me glad
I'll recognize her from the million I stead

And suddenly I cannot hear her voice
I'm really scared, I only feel her heart beat noise
One day she told me sorry and began to cry
I've understood with terror, I have to die

Mother don't kill me, give me the hope to live
Mother please hear me, you've wanted love to give

I want to live, to see the light
Oh God, I pray to stop her tonight
I'm doomed eternally to cry
Oh Mother please, please don't let me die

It is the end, so that is all
Now I am dead, I wasn't born
Forgive my mom, last time she cried
I'd gone to Heaven, unborn child

Mother you've killed me, with no hope to live
Mother please hear me, you have no love to give
Track Name: Kepler-452
A long time ago, we were the cure
We’d found this cell for our existence
Here was so fresh, it was so pure
The cell was clear and empty for the resistance
Then we arrived with all of our forces
You gave us a shelter, perfect for giving
But we had to exploit all your resources 
And now the cell is useless for our living

We have destroyed your pretty world
Everything burns and now you are dying
There is no place to stay and hold
There is no sense for those who're trying
Who tries to help you, who wants to save you
To keep it safe, to wash your face
You were our home but now we must leave you
We look ahead to the endless reach of space

We travel in space for millions of ages
And we consume everything we take
We write the book with bloody pages
And we always destroy what we make

Now we have found the only way
We have designed a spaceship for escape
The ship is ready to fly far far away 
To find a new home for us in new landscapes
And we have found a cell at last
The perfect one, for ages we could live 
And now we are running very fast
Away from here, no matter to forgive

We travel in space for millions of ages
And we consume everything we take
We write the book with bloody pages
And we always destroy what we make
We travel in space for millions of ages
And we ignore everything we break
Track Name: The Boy and the Priest
Young boy lost his parents in an accident 
They were laying dead on bloody sand
He was distraught, nothing more to say
Loss and bitterness darkened his day

Poor boy watched his mother's death
Lonely boy heard his last father's breath
Angels were keeping silent over the hopeless 
Angels were crying
The boy became faithless

Demons found him close to his dead parents
They were all laughing at this scene of violence
One of them was screaming blasphemous words
“No God for you boy,
We are your new Lords!”

Souls of the parents defended their child
They shone a light, the Demons went wild
Vomiting blood, Satan went out
Came running down, made a terrible sound

After some days, the boy was in sorrow
Bitterly crying, dreading tomorrow 
Small boy was blind, only could grow
Only could grow to his parents' gravestone
In his eyes beautiful mother
In his eyes powerful father
In his days, the sun’s rising never
Nothing to cure... The boy is blind forever

Priest has always been listening to the boy
He was finding the right words to hold
To hold up the child and hold his hand

Priest spent much time with the boy
They talked about God and love,
The boy's chosen to serve to God

“God has you in His light now
My boy, you will be happy now
You'll understood the path you've found”

“Our God is a merciful Father
our lady Mary Mother
They love you all the day and night”

“My boy, tell me, do you love me like God?”
“My priest, I do, I love you as my Dad.”

“Now my boy, you feel my love?
You are my son and God is above
God loves you through me, my boy
Now you'll feel paradisiacal joy”

“Be happy boy, God loves you
Through my flesh, feel his love
My handsome boy, your dream came true
Your eyes shining, like sweet morning dew”
Track Name: Attack of the Dead 1915
The end is near
The angels call our names
The voice we hear
Guides us through the flames

Our sons and daughters would be proud
We stood against the enemies of God
We fought with courage and rage
Against a foe so strange...

Mother Russia! Remember your children!
They have gone for your glory and freedom.
Only war brings gifts for the soldiers' desires,
They've bathed the Fatherland in fire!

We were spitting blood from our lungs
The Motherland is in our thoughts
We're choking on poisoned air
Of our enemies’ death we’ve taken care
Track Name: Son of Man
I’ve been here on the Earth before all of time
Something is changing but people’re still in crime
My second advent in prophecy is done
Dark duke was defeated, then swallowed his tongue

But I grieve for the departed
Departed in Hell, their punishment has started
oh, Father I ask you to let me go there
Most people will accept me and follow my care

No more temptations and no more dark bastards
Freemasonry burns in Hell, with their masters
Now they are free from their desires
And now they'll be able to feel the fires

I’ll save those who've lost God’s word forever
Their own blasphemy they’ll recognize never
If it would ever happen, in a million years
It would be the great grace of my Lord in tears
Track Name: Poison
Poison… Wash this aching mind
Frozen heart can’t even cry
Bathe me in your sea of sin
Save me... I’ve become too clean

You’re here, sweet rising tide
Please, drag me back to hide,
My drowning soul from God's embrace
All I want is your bitter grace

Water… Caress my groaning veins!
Cascading… Come taste the rain
Divine tongues lick away the blood
Be there for me, when I cut my throat

You’re here, sweet rising tide
I need a miracle to hide
My drowning soul from God's embrace
All I want is your bitter grace