Judgement of Tormented Souls

by Dominia



Judgement of Tormented Souls
UHO Production 2009

Second full-length release. A story of apocalypse, performed by the hands of immorality. Each track on the album is a stair, leading to the «Era of ignorance», to the kingdom of illegality, a world of predestined despair.

Track Listing:

1. Prelude (instrumental)
2. Judgement
3. Behind The Universe
4. Harvester
5. Angels’ Suicide
6. Inside Of Me
7. Exodus
8. Rosemary’s Child
9. The Beginning
10. In Black (bonus hidden track)


released December 14, 2008

Anton Rosa - vocals
Casper - violins, keyboards
Daniel - guitar
Goodwin - bass
Papa - drums

All songs written and arranged by Dominia
produced by Janne Saksa & Dominia
recorded and mixed at Sound Supreme Studio by Janne Saksa
keyboards recorded at Black Studio by Denis Devichensky
guest backing vocals on track 7 by Janne Saksa
mastered at Cutting Room
executive producer: Konstantin Byleev
artwork by M.A.P.

(c)(p) UHO Production/Rackform 2009. All songs published by UNJA Songs Oy. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, hiring,lending, pubic performance and broadcasting prohibited.



all rights reserved


Dominia Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dominia was formed (as Tentamentum) in Russian city Saint-Petersburg in February 1999 by vocalist and composer Anton Rosa and guitarist Denis Sukharev (Daniel).
Initially, the band professed typical for that time, black-death metal, but in September 2001 as the composer, violinist and keyboard player Dmitriy Rishko (Casper) joined the band, Tentamentum changed its' name and genre.
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Track Name: Prelude
Track Name: Judgement
There was a time when I could speak up to the Lord
A burning heart that made a real mystery unfold
I won't remember what is lost in tug of greed
In an ideal world that was made for me to see

It creates the atmosphere of fear
Pain, lots of pain come into my ears
Drown slowly in the river of tears
True enemies are drawing near
Screams of agony within this violent storm
The day the child died, the day he was born
Souls of dead gather waiting for this judgement day
Glory of this sacred day fades to gray

The only thing is, but it's always failed
Never ends, returns everyday
At the final gate, some began to pray
To get ready for doomsday
The power and protection,
Belief in Jesus' resurrection
It haven't supported, helped us ever
Our souls are damned forever

I joined those whose life departed, that'll be my doom
No daylight under the unholy darkest moon
Renewal to the highest ultimate degree
They verge on the meaningless, they sent to set it free
Track Name: Behind the Universe
Ugly prisons of human lives
They call it the saviour, the curing fire
Still hiding the most secret desire
To rust in the kingdom of blasted skies
Hear the voices, the voices in your heart
It is sweet enslavement of soul's loss
Pray for me, for the world that is falling apart
For another dead creation with his arms across

Blind reptiles were born of your virgin daughters
I'll drag you through the magic way
Of endless tortures

Where are your one-day, yet exhausted gods?
They're like a joke, a joke, I swear
I am nowhere and I am everywhere
Drinking poison with milk of sluts
Pull the trigger, the final fireworks
It rises above in speeches of a perfect liar
The planet Earth through obscuring smoke
There will be a new world
Healing the blind by fire

Blind reptiles were born of your virgin daughters
I'll drag you through the magic way
Of endless tortures
In blood on infant lips
Towards unending bliss
I am the total madness force
From outer worlds, behind the universe
Track Name: Harvester
It is time for nailing some heads
Something looms in the dark tunnel ahead
These headless bodies keep walking
Can't you hear the half-deads talking

Without their eyes, they can see it
Without their ears, they can hear it
Without their lungs, they are breathing
With no blood, they are bleeding

New world society
Has written their blank creed
Giving liberty
To widows wrapped in black weeds
When life's not worth living
Are they real, are they fake?
Hold out to the end, unforgiving
They wish they were dead

Someone godlike holding heads as a salesman
From ashes of hell he's arisen
The whole world fatalities
Seen through half opened eyes
For them being nothing
They paid the price

Without their heart, they can feel it
With no soul, they feel hatred
Without their legs, they are creeping
Without dreams, they are sleeping

The whole world's fatalities
Have thrown on a head hunter shield
Confront brutality
Their doom is yet unsealed
For those who are blind
Whose life is a fake
Deprived of all presence of mind
A profound mistake
Track Name: Angels' Suicide
A declaration of victory
They were determined to ruin the Earth
Obscene sacrileges
The new age has come
The one whose heart was removed at birth in the name of love
Clonned humans, dwarfed nations, the new law

The reasons for not seeing the tragic death of a friend
Absence of taste and dying out purity
For this refined pleasure, the hauntings
Ghostly children, no regret
Triumph of death, the moral insanity

Dear father, we can't even cry
That shatters our dreams, controls our minds
We despise frozen ocean in your eyes
On broken wings
We're obsessed with lust and hate
Then, as the end begins
The last endeavour, but it's too late

Do you see more than your burnt eyes do? The humble truth
Supreme principles, exploding hell lights up our life
We leave this paradise with a shining smile of eternal youth
Infected, crippled angel's suicide
Track Name: Inside of Me
What do you want from me?
It feels like nails being pushed into my ears
...sharing wisdom? I do not need it
Swallow your pride. No excuse after the final defeat

I'm sick and tired of it
I'm sick. I can not find the name of the trick
To step out of my body
I can not suffocate a creep who whispers into my ear

It is I
You look through my window
And the sun keep shining
It is I!
Demons sleep inside
Deep in my heart
The Darkness is growing
Inside of me

It seems he's silent. Times are bleak
The light fades away
And every time I fall asleep
This is where it ends up, the time when I no longer care
Track Name: Exodus
Cutting wind, Reign of terror
Collapse of ministries, Rome's destined to fall
Opened gateway to the inevitable Never,
May your dreams come true behind this door

The greatest creatures - wretched worms...
When Reality ends under insanity crust,
It turned holy water in acid, into solid stone,
Tired creators breath in disgust

I know what no one knows
I can see what no one sees

Voices of prophets of past ages
Spin around in wild orgies of storm
Dead cities turn into coffins and cages
For those who perished, for those who alive, for stillborns

Devoured by yourselves, choked with tears
Under the blackened, weeping skies
Giants are brought to their knees, await mesmerised...
The fatal defeat in the glimmer of the dead
Children's eyes

Never again
A gleam of hope will flow to sunrise
Our souls will never escape from this poisoned paradise
Never again
Shadows fall,
We're echoes in the endless
Lifeless dreams of everlasting silence
In every soul

Exodus from pitfalls at the dawn of mankind
Will scatter ashes of erased human race
The souls are gathered on the way to the other side
It has opened the jaws. Welcome to blazes
With no more reincarnations
Reaching an abyss, deep and foul
Inhale the suffering of soulless bodies invasion
As neither being born nor being destroyed
Track Name: Rosemary's Child
Whispering shadows cast on your pale skin
Shining dream has gone. Dead sun rising
The lust of the Beast that bursts with sorrow deep within
The Belief that disappears beyond the last horizon

Requiem for the mankind echoes
In the laughter of your son
The doomed world dies out in the cold,
In the little eyes' damnation
Love that turned to pure hate,
To the great chaos. Pain's just begun
He's a defenseless child. Self-condemnation
Track Name: The Beginning
I might speak to no one,
End up, where they've just begun,
Wait for someone, who hasn't gone
Whose side am I really on?
They aren't in real world anymore,
Who haven't returned from war
Not guilty. There is no crime scene
But that's only what you think

I am the messiah,
Twilight messiah
My name is fire,
The flaming fire
Your god hates lying?
Couldn't keep from smiling
Is it like faith's defying?
Don't you feel like dying?

The clock keeps running slow
Many would have me believe so
Have to strive harder tonight
To keep these soldiers in the fight
Never brought back under control,
In part or in a whole
The most vivid dream that I ever had
Is a bomb thrown across the barricade

Repeat chorus

Those were the ones who have gone
to strengthen enemy, set it on fire
Whenever time, whoever would conduct,
put end to the unjust warfare
They plead guilty to killing,
disintegrating families and friends
Soldiers, mangled crucifixions,
hanging over a barbwire fence
Passed into nothingness

We lost at war